february meeting – safety & self defense forum for women

Safety & Self Defense Forum for Women set for February 13th
“Focus is on what women need to know”

runhers, a women’s health and lifestyle organization headquartered in OKC, announced today it was holding a women’s safety & self-defense forum on Monday, February 13th – beginning at 7:00pm in the Integris Cancer Institute of Oklahoma Conference Center. The event is free and open to the public. With the longer winter days and so many women out running, walking, shopping and carrying on daily duties in the early morning or evening darkness – women are literally at risk. Women need to be prepared, more aware, more alert and know what to do in case the unthinkable presents itself. Please join us for this very important discussion and demonstration by Leslie NesSmith. The national statistics on violence against women are incredibly disturbing. The New York Times last December reported from National Studies that 1 in 5 women have been sexually assaulted in the US. Many times these assaults are from a relationship gone horribly wrong, and other times they are random or stalking attacks carried out by a stranger who sees a situational vulnerability they can exploit. It’s wrong in any event! runhers Energy Director and Coach Sara McCauley states, “Women’s safety is critically important in all we do here at runhers, we want to take what we know and help educate others in the OKC metro on the importance of understanding the risks and having a plan to respond to it, before it happens.” Sara continues, “Our forum with Leslie will equip women with information that will reduce as many risks as possible by knowing what to do, when.”

About Leslie – Leslie NesSmith has been involved with martial arts and self-defense for a number of years. She competed in the US Open Kung Fu Championships (2000) and won first and second place medals in kata and sparring. Leslie has a personal passion for educating women in self-defense, as she herself became a statistic at the age of 19 when she was the victim of an assault. Fortunately Leslie escaped the attack and began her quest for personal self-defense knowledge.

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