7 great static stretches


This is the first in an ongoing series of stretches that you can use.  The most important thing is using the proper form to get the most out of each stretch!  Stretching every day after you run will increase your flexibility and help prevent injuries. Static stretches should be performed after your workout, not before, so you’re not stretching cold muscles.  Be sure and hold for 20 – 30 seconds, doing 2 – 3 sets.


 ADDUCTOR STRETCH (inner thigh) Stand in a straddled stance with feet beyond shoulder width apart. Both feet should be pointed straight ahead. Slowly move to the side until a stretch in the straight leg’s groin area is felt.   


 QUADRICEP – Standing stationary grab and hold your right ankle with your left hand, pull foot closely in towards your buttocks. Maintain straight posture.  



 HAMSTRING – Lay on your back and keep your back flat while looking upward. Grab the back of right thigh (not behind knee) with both hands and pull into a 90 degree position. Then slowly straighten your knee as much as possible. For a deeper stretch you can use a strap or towel, etc.    
 PIRIFORMIS (lateral hip) – Lay flat on your back, bend knees to 90 degrees, cross right foot over left knee and pull in left knee in towards your chest.     
 CALF COMPLEX– Stand with right foot in front of left with feet firm to the ground. Gently lean into the stretch towards a wall or object while, maintain straight posture, until you feel it in your lower calf muscles.      
 IT BAND– Sit on the ground with your legs out straight.  Bend and cross your right leg over your left knee which is flat on the ground.  Pull your right knee in to your chest firmly with your left elbow.    
 HIP FLEXOR– Step your right leg forward and bend back leg. Rotate back hip and squeeze buttocks. Slowly move hips forward until tension is felt in side being stretched.     

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