stay creative this spring

By:  Britta Newton @

Inspiration Board. Whether it’s magazine cutouts push pinned to your wall or a framed bulletin board a creative brain needs the tangible inspiration. Try printing out some of your favorite Pinterest boards and favorite blog posts.

Keep a beautiful pad & pen on you at all times. I have a stack of unique notebooks, and when I brainstorm I grab which one inspires me for the current project. Using a beautiful pen will keep writing happily!

Write. Keeping a daily journal and writing about your thoughts each day will keep your creative juices flowing! When they start flowing you’ll be overwhelmed with the hopes of ideas and you’ll have a pen in hand to write everything down.

Read.  Magazines, books, blogs… Reading and looking at great images will keep your mind in critical thinking mode.

Be Active. Doing a 15 minute yoga video in your living room, or taking a walk around the neighborhood will get your blood flowing each morning.

Add Color. I painted my office orange and it really has done wonders. Add color to your work-space to inspire different moods each day. Something as small as multi colored post it notes will brighten up your mundane to-dos.

Surround yourself with creative people. Having a positive support group to bounce ideas off of will be the tracks to your train. Learning from others and having competition will keep you improving daily.

…and in my opinion, the most important.

Break The Rules.  Which ones? All of them. (P.S. I said rules, not laws. Don’t break laws.)

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