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Editor’s Note: For OKC Metro area women; we are happy to partner with Metro Family Magazine for another #StrongTogether project using our sofa2success 5K program. The goal race will be October 18th Komen Race for The Cure 5K. We provide all the training and as much motivation/inspiration as we can, you provide some time to come out and get started. They say the first step is the most difficult, but we provide a happy, safe and structured environment to get you going! Hope to see you soon. All details will be on our page.

The question, what is preventing you from being healthier and happier? Maybe you just aren’t sure how to get started … or re-started? Sofa2success can help you get that ‘feel good’ energy back. Taking that first step can transform you and restore your confidence/energy to live happier and healthier. Truth is, a healthy you is the best you! You’ll be in good company as well, with about 13 million women regularly hitting the road, trail, or treadmill, according to a report by the Sports & Fitness Industry Association.

The supportive women at runhers are here to help you get started or back on track toward a more rewarding lifestyle. We can help train you to run or walk in a 5K (3.1 mile) event. It’s easy to get going – we provide a plan, a certified coach, all the education you may need, and lots of motivation. You provide the first step by coming out and following the plan… and as we move ahead together, your confidence, energy and spirit will grow! Completing a 5K is a great accomplishment and you can continue on your journey to a healthier, happier you. The best you!

You may be asking… why should I be thinking about taking up running or walking in this training group?

  • The accountability and camaraderie: You’ll get to know many other women in the training group and be able support and encourage each other! We are all in this together.
  • The simplicity of it! It’s so simple to start! All you need is some comfortable clothing you can move in and some decent athletic footwear, and your off and running! You can run or walk any day and time you want.
  • Everyone can participate! Running is the most inclusive of all activities. You don’t have to have a special athletic talent to do it. You just lace up the sneakers and get moving at your own pace. Want to get faster or go longer? We can help you with all of that – safety tips, training schedules, group runs and all the support you need are all here at runhers women’s association. You can run or walk for fitness, to socialize or even compete in races.
  • Anytime – anywhere – any duration: You can be just about anywhere and get a run and/or
  • Fun Events – Worthy Causes: The beauty of running and walking is that you can run in solitude one day, with your training/social group the next and then run an event with anywhere from 300 to 40,000 other participants on any given weekend! How exhilarating!
  • Before Starting

    Before starting a 5K training program, it is highly advised that you should make sure you are healthy enough to undertake the training. This 5K training should not be taken lightly. Consult your medical professional to ensure you are ready for this important next step!

    We will be issuing a schedule with locations for the 8 week program. We are meeting up every Saturday morning with Coach to do the miles/minutes as a group. Coach will be providing education and answering any questions before the runs/walks; including proper warm-up, running/walking drills stretching techniques, some laughs and motivation.


    XT means to cross train. This could be any other activity to help body, mind and spirit! You could do some core work, or light stretching, upper body workout, yoga or any activity you enjoy. Mix it up, experiment and listen to your body.

    Easy Runs and Walk/Runs

    This means running totally comfortable and controlled. When running alone or with your runhers training partner or group, you should be able to converse easily. You’ll likely feel as if you could go faster. Don’t. There is always time in the future to go faster or longer if that becomes your goal. For now, just building a ‘base’ level of running or run/walking fitness is what you are after. You can also do walk/runs where you may start with 1 minute of easy running with 2 – 3 minutes of brisk walking; repeating this for the duration. Experiment with the mix of walk/run minute until you feel comfortable with it.


    Rest is always important. Make one day a rest day where you really are resting up from training. You need to make sure your muscles are well rested as you progress and grow though the training program. Rest and recovery doesn’t always mean doing nothing, you can do some like stretching or other light physical activity. Your body will begin telling you what it needs as you develop a better relationship with it!

    About sofa2success

    sofa2success© is being developed into a complete series for women that will include the 5K training and other fitness programs, nutrition tips, easy to prepare healthy recipes, other lifestyle tips, as well as a guide to balancing all the things that can make life very stressful. All in all – we will use the sofa2success program as a lifestyle guide that you can use as a reference anytime you need it. Our website and Facebook and Twitter feeds will offer daily lifestyle tips, food and nutrition news, shopping, events and forums of all kinds to help keep you active and happy! We have an advisory group of accomplished people from many disciplines to ensure that we provide you with the best evidenced based information. We also have humorists, to keep the scientists/professionals from getting too serious! We have to have fun!

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