about the hers projects

In case you’re wondering about the hers projects, here’s a little peek behind the curtain!  One of our beliefs is that if we want to change a society or culture, we have to mobilize the women in that society. Community building and collaboration are vital pieces of the hers projects. We recently decided to become a 501c3 non-profit organization to pursue our projects.

hers brands is a powerful set of interactive women’s lifestyle brands that will be used as a catalyst to drive American culture, and empower millions women to embrace a healthier and happier lifestyle.  The highly interactive, visual and entertaining style of engagement with our consumers will be a unique experience; a highly engaging, perpetual social experiment.  Our people will have the audacity to create amazing products, services, programs and events with our collaborators.  Our imagination laboratory serves as a catalyst for women, as well as an incubator, and develops high impact, high profile products, entertainment, events and next generation lifestyle solutions for women everywhere.  Our grass roots groups in cities across America will impact their local communities with our passion driven culture to engage women who want to connect with a healthier, more meaningful and happier life.   Our unquenchable curiosity and sense of humor, along with our applied imagination projects will drive value both to the people we serve and to our team. 


To be a creative force that empowers women to discover, design and activate their version of a healthy and happy life.  We create partnerships and experiences that engage, entertain and inspire women everywhere.


By eliminating boundaries between cultures, organizations, disciplines and artistic expressions, our passionate people will create programs, products, entertainment and life solutions that engage the imagination and drive a new culture of wellness and health for women.

Our Core Values 

  • We value each person as a unique individual
  • We believe in the power of creativity and imagination
  • We are unwavering in our commitment to authenticity, quality and amazing service
  • We are a creative force in unifying and enriching our communities
  • We believe in team work and collaboration at every touch point of the organization
  • We are a model organization on environmental and sustainability issues 

Our next step is to carefully seek extraordinarily talented people and partners who share the vision/passion – and acquire the resources to broaden our reach until we empower and equip as many women as we can with our unique approach to women’s lifestyle and entertainment.  We believe that when we do the right work, for the right reason, at the right time, with passion and creativity, we can drive culture anywhere we go, and help women achieve their version of happiness and good health.

That is the opening chapter of our ‘hers projects’ story.   We are looking forward to collaborating with those passionate and intrepid souls who want to write the next chapters! 


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