about runhers

runhers is a dynamic and creative women’s lifestyle organization for women of all ages and abilities.  runhers is built on the belief that women must move to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle.  if you can imagine a better you, we can help you create it.  through runhers and walkhers lifestyle, we’ll help you be the best you with our lifestyle programs, trainings, creative forums, entertainment & amazing events.  runhers purpose is to surround you with incredible information, support and a host of lifestyle solutions as you create your life, your way.


runhers culture is built on a deep passion and conviction that our creativity and imagination, along with the passionate work of our people, will be a catalyst, connecting women to a world of healthy lifestyle possibilities through programs, products, solutions and entertainment. 

runhers places creativity at the core of everything we do.  we think of each woman as an individual  creative challenge and adventure.  we believe a woman is capable of creating her own unique version of healthy/happy lifestyle when she is supported in an environment where she believes she can make her dream a reality.

social responsibility and community involvement is vital to the runhers mission and culture. our culture is based on our values that we are part of a larger whole. we are a company that is a community unifier and highly visible model for others.  we will partner with like-minded suppliers and  incorporate or design best practices that enable us to be a trusted friend to the environment and a great community neighbor. 

our hers brands, llc headquarters in oklahoma city will serve as the site of our women’s imagination labs. the multi-purpose, multi-use lab will serve as one of the country’s most imaginative and creative environments; where women from all over the world can connect and collaborate to the create a healthier and more balanced world, better products, and better solutions. 


community outreach and visibility

  • a highly visible women’s community resource
  • active voice on women’s issues
  • youth programs, trainings, mentoring
  • unifying, inspiring and encouraging others to support the community 
  • runhers TV,  television, radio appearances – newsworthy articles
  • drawing together artists and entertainers to evoke positive community emotion
  • producing high profile, high impact running and walking events, forums and socials
  • dinners and socials with local celebrities, chefs
  • annual princess run & little dude dash
  • healthy cooking, gardening, family/community events/picnics