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Princess Run Festival News Release

March 26, 2013



Contact:               Sheila Kidder – (405.659.2852)

NEWS9 Partners with Princess Run Festival

Bobbie Miller will host as “Her Royal Highness”

runhers women’s association is happy to announce this partnership with Oklahoma’s Own NEWS9 & Griffin Communications for the 5th Annual Princess Run Festival and Little Dude Dash.  The festival is set for May 4th, 2014, and is set on the properties of the Oklahoma City Boathouse District.  NEWS9’s morning anchor Bobbie Miller will serve as Her Royal Highness. She’s on every weekday morning from 5:00-7:00 a.m.

The Princess Run Festival and Little Dude Dash features running/walking events of 2K (1.2 miles).  The festival is full of interactive kids experience with the OKC Boathouse/Riversport experiences, OKC Barons Hockey, the new OKC Energy Football Club, Arts and Crafts Pavilion and other experiences such as a dance clinic hosted by Studio J Dance.  There will be a Roxy’s Ice Cream truck as well as other food trucks to enjoy this “magical day down by the river.”

NEWS 9’s Bobbie Miller says, “I am sharing my love of exercise with my kids at an early age. So, I’m excited to get my one year old in a tutu & my boys in their superhero costumes – whatever it takes to get them moving! Plus, I’m taking advantage of this ‘Her Royal Highness’ title!”

runhers Director of Special Projects Sheila Kidder states, “We love celebrating kids at this magical day down by the river.  We are very happy and honored to have NEWS9 on board as a partner for the 2014 event.  And, Bobbie Miller has a special energy, and it will be great fun to see it on display at the festival.  We’re jazzed!”  Kidder adds, “This is such a visual treat for the eyes, the princesses really embrace the royal theme, and the dudes express their inner superhero!  Many parents get in the spirit with their own creativity in costumes!”

About Princess Run Festival

The Princess Run Festival and Little Dude Dash is imagined by runhers women’s association.  The 5th Annual Festival is designed to delight and celebrate kids, ages 12 and under, and families.  The Princesses and Little Dudes run a 2K (1.2 mile) distance, while the festival features OKC Riversport

activities, as well as many other interactive kid/family experiences.  More info at Twitter @princessrunfest and on Facebook.  Contact:

About Oklahoma’s Own NEWS 9

OKLAHOMA CITY’S Oklahoma’s Own is proud to provide Oklahomans with timely and relevant news and information, sharing the stories, pictures and loves of Oklahomans across our great state including Oklahoma City’s Own. – Twitter @NEWS9

About runhers® women’s association

We are a creative force that empowers women to discover, design and activate their version of a healthy and happy life.  We create partnerships and experiences that engage, entertain and inspire women everywhere.  To engage more, please visit us at or – twitter @runhers – email



your place to begin… or begin again

Editor’s Note:  Through our own research, we’ve found that many women are simply terrified of getting started.  Even terrified of visiting a running or athletic store, or even a gym.   All the questions that cloud your brain, all the doubts, the “what ifs” and “I’ll embarrass myself” self talk.   Do you remember that line from We Bought a Zoo? Benjamin promised, “You know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come of it.”

We call that stepping out of your comfort zone, even a little.  We know that is where real growth and strength come from.  We need the challenges, as fearful as they seem at the beginning.  That’s why we designed and continue to improve our sofa2success program.  Please look this program over and let one of our directors know if we can start a group for you, your company or organization.  Getting started is always the hardest part! 

5K sofa2success program

The question, what is preventing you from being healthier and happier?  Maybe you just aren’t sure how to get started … or re-started?  Sofa2success can help you get that ‘feel good’ energy back.  Taking that first step can transform you and restore your confidence/energy to live happier and healthier.  Truth is, a healthy you is the best you!

The supportive women at runhers are here to help you get started or back on track toward a more rewarding lifestyle.  We can help train you to run or walk in a 5K (3.1 mile) event.  It’s easy to get going – we provide a plan, a certified coach, all the education you may need, and lots of motivation.  You provide the first step by coming out and following the plan … and as we move ahead together, your confidence, energy and spirit will grow!  Completing a 5K is a great accomplishment and you can continue on your journey to a healthier, happier you.  The best you!

You may be asking … why should I be thinking about taking up running or walking in this training group?

  • The accountability and camaraderie:  You’ll get to know many other women in the training group and be able support and encourage each other!  We are all in this together.
  • The simplicity of it!  It’s so simple to start!  All you need is some comfortable clothing you can move in and some decent athletic footwear, and your off and running!  You can run or walk any day and time you want.
  • Everyone can participate!  Running is the most inclusive of all activities.  You don’t have to have a special athletic talent to do it.  You just lace up the sneakers and get moving at your own pace.  Want to get faster or go longer?  We can help you with all of that – safety tips, training schedules, group runs and all the support you need are all here at runhers women’s association.  You can run or walk for fitness, to socialize or even compete in races.
  • Anytime – anywhere – any duration.  You can be just about anywhere and get a run and/or walk in.  In your own neighborhood, the many great parks and trail systems in most cities.  Every little bit adds up!   Even short 10 – 15 minute walks or runs have proven to be VERY beneficial for your spirit and your health!
  • Affordability!  No monthly health club membership dues.  No contracts.  No fancy, space-hogging equipment.  All you really need is a decent pair of running shoes and some clothing appropriate for the weather conditions and you’re ready to run or walk!
  • Fun Events – Worthy Causes  The beauty of running and walking is that you can run in solitude one day, with your training/social group the next and then run an event with anywhere from 300 to 40,000 other participants on any given weekend !  How exhilarating!

Before Starting

Before starting a 5K training program, it is highly advised that you should make sure you are healthy enough to undertake the training.  This 5K training should not be taken lightly.  Consult your medical professional to ensure you are ready for this important next step!

Beginner 5K Training Program (Walk or Run)











15 minutes easy

XT or rest

20 minutes

XT or rest

1.5 miles easy

XT or rest



20 minutes easy

XT or rest

20 minutes

XT or rest

20 -30 min easy

XT or rest



20 minutes easy

XT or rest

20 minutes

XT or rest

2.5 miles or 30 mins

XT or rest



20 minutes easy

XT or rest

20 minutes

XT or rest

2.5 miles or 30 mins

XT or rest



2 miles


XT or rest

20 minutes

XT or rest

30 – 40 minutes

XT or rest



2 miles easy

XT or rest

25 minutes

XT or rest

3 miles

XT or rest



2.5 miles easy

XT or rest

25 minutes

XT or rest

45 mins or 3 miles

XT or rest



2.5 miles easy

XT or rest

25 minutes

XT or rest



We will be issuing a schedule with locations for the 8 week program.  We are meeting up every Saturday morning with Coach to do the miles/minutes as a group.  Coach will be providing education and answering any questions before the runs/walks; including proper warm-up, running/walking drills stretching techniques, some laughs and motivation.

Note:  XT means to cross train.  This could be any other activity to help body, mind and spirit!  You could do some core work, or light stretching, upper body workout, yoga or any activity you enjoy.  Mix it up, experiment and listen to your body.

Easy Runs and Walk/Runs This means running totally comfortable and controlled.  When running alone or with your runhers training partner or group, you should be able to converse easily. You’ll likely feel as if you could go faster.  Don’t.  There is always time in the future to go faster or longer if that becomes your goal.  For now, just building a ‘base’ level of running or run/walking fitness is what you are after.  You can also do walk/runs where you may start with 1 minute of easy running with 2 – 3 minutes of brisk walking; repeating this for the duration.  Experiment with the mix of walk/run minute until you feel comfortable with it.

Rest Rest is always important.  Make one day a rest day where you really are resting up from training.  You need to make sure your muscles are well rested as you progress and grow though the training program.  Rest and recovery doesn’t always mean doing nothing, you can do some like stretching or other light physical activity.  Your body will begin telling you what it needs as you develop a better relationship with it!

About sofa2success

sofa2success© is being developed into a complete series for women that will include the 5K training and other fitness programs, nutrition tips,  easy to prepare healthy recipes, other lifestyle tips, as well as a guide to balancing all the things that can make life very stressful.  All in all – we will use the sofa2success program as a lifestyle guide that you can use as a reference anytime you need it.  Our website and Facebook and Twitter feeds will offer daily lifestyle tips, food and nutrition news, shopping, events and forums of all kinds to help keep you active and happy!  We have an advisory group of accomplished people from many disciplines to ensure that we provide you with the best evidenced based information.  We also have humorists, to keep the scientists/professionals from getting too serious!  We have to have fun!   |   |   Twitter @runhers

sofa2success kicks off in OKC

We are very excited to be partnering with OKC’s Metro Family Magazine and the 32nd Annual Redbud Classic for this exciting 5K beginner sofa2sucess project.  This year’s RedBud Class is scheduled for April 6th, 2014.  The training is free of charge and open to everyone!  You can register at


Here is a breakdown of how the program will work:

  • Training will begin on Monday, February 10, 2014 and will run for 8 consecutive weeks.
  • MetroFamily will send you an email on Sunday night with your training program to follow for the coming week. The training program is based on runhers popular “Sofa2Success” program and will guide you each step of the way. At the end of the 8 weeks, you will be ready to run or walk the Redbud Classic 5K on Sunday, April 6, 2014.
  • Your first training email will be sent on Sunday, February 9th—so get your running shoes ready!
  • The training program will be administered by runhers Coach Sara McCauley. Learn more about Sara below.
  • In addition to the training emails, MetroFamily will also be featuring blogs by four local moms (Carrie, Serena, Rachel and Alicia) as they progress through the training program.  You can read about their efforts, receive inspiration and tips and follow along as they prepare for the 5K right along with you.
  • We will host welcome and informational meetings for everyone participating in the program on February 1st at 10am and again on Wednesday, February 5th at 6pm.  Both meetings will be held at The Belle Isle Library, 5501 N Villa Ave, in Oklahoma City.  This will allow you to meet Coach Sara, ask questions, meet other participating moms and get pumped up about this training program.  We hope you will be able to join us—it will be fun!

In the meantime, be sure to register for the Redbud Classic at and consider joining the runhers women’s association for additional information and support (

Here is a welcome from Coach Sara:

Hey Ladies!

 My name is “Coach Sara” and we are honored to be working with MetroFamily Magazine and all of you as we train for the 2014 RedBud Classic in April.  I head up the training programs at runhers women’s association, headquartered here in Oklahoma City.  I am a nationally certified RRCA Running Coach and a NASM Certified Personal Trainer.  I am excited to work with you all and see you through this fun endeavor. We will meet up soon to discuss details and answer any training questions or concerns you may have!  Congratulations on making this commitment, you will inspire many through your training.  Looking forward to meeting you all!

 Coach Sara

We look forward to training with you—and hope to meet you in person at one of our welcome events!


december commitment challenge

by: Sara McCauley

It’s that time of the year!  There is no denying; holiday season is upon us, and in full force.  Our schedule becomes full of events, shopping, celebrating AND eating.  That means more stress overall, and less time to spend working out. There is no “best time” to commit to a new fitness plan, however, you can make a commitment to the best out of each season or situation.  Time doesn’t always allow for a full gym workout or a long run, BUT I know you can fit in something each day, even if it is 5 minutes!  When it comes to moving your body, something is always better than nothing.  I put together a schedule for the month of December that includes short workouts that you can do anywhere at any time. You can follow the calendar exactly and take the guess work out, or you can pick choose an item from the checklist each day.  The Holidays can be trying, so, you owe it to yourself to make some “me” time.  Make the commitment and join me for the December Commitment Challenge!  You will be happy you did come January!

The numbers coincide with the December calendar dates!  Have fun and Enjoy the Season!
1.       10 minute stretch
2.       50 pushups – 50 star jumps
3.       20 minute fartlek run
4.       40 jumping jacks, 40 jump squats, 40 jump lunges
5.       100 pile squats, 20 half squat, 20 full, 20 half with heel raise, 20 full with heel raise, 20 pulses
6.       5 minute wall sit (take short breaks to complete)
7.       7 miles run or walk (or your distance)
8.       yoga stretch
9.       HIIT 40/20/4 high knees 40 seconds, rest for 20 seconds, plank jack 40 seconds, rest 20 seconds,    complete 4 rounds of each.
10.   60 single leg deadlifts
11.   100 crunches, 20 slow crunches, 20 right, 20 left, 20 bicycle, 20 butterfly
12.   100 Lunges,  20 alternating front, 20 alternating back, 20 right, 20 left, 20 jump lunges
13.   5 minute plank variations, high, low, side, legs lifted, arms lifted (break as needed)
14.   5 mile run or walk (or your distance)
15.   park furthest away from store to add in extra walking every time you go to the store.
16.   running in place, squat jacks, sit-ups, 1 minute of each, 3 rounds total
17.   200 mountain climbers
18.   2 burpees, 2 leg lifts, repeat 4,6,8,10
19.   60 superman extension up to a high plank
20.   100 Vups, modify as needed
21.   30 – 60 minute run or walk
22.   foam roll your tight overused muscles
23.   booty Burner, 50 alternating back lunges, 50 front lunges to balance, 50 single leg decline bridges (use a step or couch)
24.   run 1 – 3+ mile run, make time for yourself, do a few laps in your neighborhood, get some fresh air!
25.   Take the family for a walk or run, start a family tradition
26.   step it up!  use a stair, chair or a study bench, 1 min of each: alternating step ups, step up to balance 1min each side, side step up to leg lift each leg, jump ups(box jump)
27.   plank jumps: 20 of each repeating twice.  front: high plank position, jump feet in together, Right: jump feet to the side then to the center, left jumps, in & out: start with feet together, jump them out wide then back in.
28.   30 – 60 minute run or walk  
29.   ab burner: 20 frog crunches, 20 bicycle crunches, 20 leg lifts, 20 side plank with dips, each side, low plank with hip dip 20 each, high plank with leg ext 20 each, 2 min low plank hold
30.   tabata squat variations 20/10/8: 20 secs of each squat, 10 secs of rest, 8 variations of squats. Wide squats, side to side squats, squat jumps, split squat(each leg counts as 1), squat jacks, chair pose, squat pulses
31.   Firecracker: 50 jumping jacks, 20 star jumps, 20 plyo pushups, 20 explosive jump lunges, 20 back lunge to high jump each leg, 50 jumping jacks

Here are some additional challenges for anytime you need a boost!  

  • fast pace laps around the mall before shopping
  • 10 pushups for every glass of eggnog
  • 100 push up challenge (can be throughout the day)
  • 1 mile run time yourself, try to beat your time next time
  • take the stairs everywhere you have the opportunity
  • 20 Squats every time you check your facebook on your phone
  • 20 second plank for every gift you wrap
  • alphabet abs: lay flat on your back, lift your legs off the ground, feet together “draw” the alphabet with your feet


national run @ work day

On September 20, 2013, is the 8th Annual Run@Work Day nationwide.  Company based wellness programs, human resources departments, running clubs, running events, running shoe stores, and individuals nationwide are encouraged to plan fun runs and walks around the country with their employers.

In the past, we have hosted some Run@Work Days.  This year we want to help you get a run/walk organized in your company or organization.  There are so many benefits to workplace wellness and the camaraderie of running/walking together is great for team spirit!  There are many small and cost effective or no cost ways to improve your workplace and increase productivity, while lowering overall health care costs!  We are happy to provide more information.  So, some planning details are below.  Please let us know if there is anything else we can help with.  All the best on your efforts!

Why National Run@Work Day?

The goal of Run@Work Day, founded by the Road Runners Club of America, is to encourage adults to get 30-minutes of exercise each day, in accordance with the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, either before work, during lunch, or immediately following work. Run@Work Day also encourages companies to help employees schedule time for physical activity.

Incorporating exercise into one’s daily routine can markedly improve one’s overall physical health.

  • Run@Work Day events can be hosted by company-based wellness programs, human resources departments, running clubs, running events, running shoe stores, schools, and anyone interested in promoting physical activity.
  • The event should be a fun run and/or walking event with the duration of at least 30-minutes held before work, during lunch, or immediately after work or all of the above in order to accommodate varying schedules.
  • Event hosts should work with a company’s human resources department or staff to organize and promote the event within the company.
  • Work with local sponsors to provide participant incentives, event support, and promotions
  • Simply make time to get 30-minutes of running or walking on September 20, 2013 and bring a co-worker or family member with  you.

Planning Your Run@Work Day or Run@School Day Event

1. Work with your employer or local school to gain support from management for hosting a Run@Work Day or Run @School event from your place of work or your local school(s).

2. Determine if you will host your event before work or school, during lunch, immediately at the end of the work-day or school day, or at all three times.

3. Follow the RRCA Guidelines for Safe Events or RRCA Guidelines for Leading a Group Run.  

4. Plan a route for your participants.  Choose a central location where everyone can meet-up at the specified start time.  The route should be approximately 3-5K in distance to allow people to run or walk for at least thirty minutes.  A route can be an out and back from a central starting point or a loop course.  Use a mapping tool such as Gmap-Pedometer to help you determine your route.  The course should be pedestrian friendly.

5. Use an event registration service like or create a Facebook event page to collect names of participants to determine your participation numbers for your Run@Work Day or Run@School Day event.  Be sure you have all event participants or guardians sign a waiver.

6. Engage several volunteers to help organize the start and finish of the event.  Have a run leader, a mid-pack course marshal, and an end of the pack “sweeper” to ensure your participants are supported during the run/walk.

7. Be sure to provide your participants with information on how to get involved with a running club or event after the conclusion of the run/walk.

Promoting Your Run@Work Day Event

1. With permission from your employer, send an email to your co-workers or parents about your event.  Use the Run@Work Day sample press release and sample Twitter and Facebook posts to announce your event.  Work with your human resources department to promote the event.  Provide information about the event in an employee newsletter or inter-office memo.

2. Make posters of the Run@Work Day to hang around your office or in our community to help promote your event.

3. Work with a local sponsor or your employer to provide incentives for your participants.  Consider designing company/organization t-shirts for participants and or sell them and donate the profits to a health related organization.

4. Provide a map of the planned route before the event.  Be sure to remind participants that your event will be a fun run or walk and that all participants should follow the rules of the road and obey traffic signals. 

5. Call into a local radio station to give them information about your participation in National Run@Work Day and discuss the local event you are hosting and talk about healthy lifestyle choices including the importance of 30-minutes of exercise a day.

6. Work with other get active partners in your community such as your local YMCA, your local Parks & Recreation Department, etc. to assist with and to promote your event.

june 5th – national running day

The OKC Run and Runners’ Day of Service is on June 5, 2013 – National Running Day.

The day will be centered on finding ways for you to plug in to a community service project (listed below).  We would love for the day to be spent giving back to the Oklahoma City community, especially hit hard in recent weeks with the storms.  Then, on the evening of June 5th, we’ll host a 30 – 45 minute run or walk in OKC at Stars & Stripes Park at 7:00pm (South end by ball fields).  We will provide drinks and snacks! 

Training groups, stores, event organizers, and other communities are invited to organize their constituents to do a service project in Oklahoma City.  Runner’s Day of Action is about giving back, showing that runners have a positive impact on the community beyond health and fitness,  even directly benefiting charities with donations or fundraising.  Come join us on National Running Day!


Suggested volunteer opportunities:

City of Moore – call 1-866-484-3500 for volunteer opportunities ( and

The Salvation Army OKC:  Area Command’s Volunteer Coordinator (405-246-1101) 

Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma –

Red Cross –

Feed the Children:


one girl with courage is a revolution

Thank you so much for helping us bring the global movement to educate girls and change the world home to Oklahoma City with the sold out screening of the Girl Rising film.  Girl Rising spotlighted the stories of nine unforgettable girls born into unforgiving circumstances.  The hers projects/runhers, 10×10 and its partners are working to change minds, lives and policy.  Together we have the power to create equality for girls and change the world.  Our purpose here at runhers is to help as many women and girls as possible find their version of a healthy and happy life.

One girl with courage is a revolution.  We think all girls should be in an environment where they can dream a big dream, play safely with joy and develop a lifelong curiosity and love of learning.  The reality is that is only true for some.  We can send ripples of change with small actions – and we all can do something to connect more girls with opportunities to build the future they want.  Big change starts small.  The first step toward success is simple: pass it on. We know that educating girls will change the world.  The more people who share that message – through social networks, at the dinner table, in boardrooms, in rural villages – the more support we build.

All over the globe, violence and discrimination against women and girls violates their human rights and severely compromises girls’ health, education and the opportunity to build a better future.  Gender inequalities and biases pervade cultures worldwide, preventing women and girls from fully realizing their rights to reproductive health and equality.  We must do better.  If one girl with courage is a revolution – then what is hundreds of millions of women and girls moving with the mission of equality, safety and the freedom to choose the path they want to follow?  Each of us has the power to change this, one girl at a time.  Please consider donating some time or resources to the cause.

We are considering holding a summit regarding girls and the barriers to education/healthy living, along with possibly another screening of Girl Rising in OKC or with one of our other groups in Enid, Lawton or Tulsa.   If you or your organization is interested in partnering, please let us know.

We have also included some information and links for your reference.  Thank you again for supporting this important film screening.

10 Facts about Girls Education

Around the world, girls face barriers to education that boys do not.  But educating girls can break cycles of poverty in just one generation.  These statistics offer insights on those barriers and also illustrate the lasting impact education has on girls, families, communities and nations around the world.

  1.  66 million girls are out of school globally. (UNESCO)
  2. There are 33 million fewer girls than boys in primary school.(Education First)
  3. A child born to a literate mother is 50% more likely to survive past the age of 5. (UNESCO)
  4. Educated mothers are more than twice as likely to send theirchildren to school. (UNICEF)
  5. In a single year, an estimated 150 million girls are victims of sexual violence. (UNIFEM) [50% of sexual assaults in the world victimize girls under the age of 15 (UNFPA).]
  6. 14 million girls under 18 will be married this year. That’s 38 thousand today – or 13 girls in the last 30 seconds. (UNFPA)
  7. The #1 cause of death for girls 15-19 is childbirth. (World HealthOrganization)
  8. Girls with 8 years of education are 4 times less likely to be married as children. (National Academies Press)
  9. A girl with an extra year of education can earn 20% more as an adult.(The World Bank)
  10. If India enrolled 1% more girls in secondary school, their GDP would rise by $5.5 billion. (CIA World Factbook) (Global Campaign for Education and RESULTS Education Fund)

The Importance of Education locally (Oklahoma)

Currently, Oklahoma is ranked the 2nd worst state in the nation for women and girls, based on a number of factors including access to education, access to healthcare, domestic violence, female incarceration, human trafficking, and more.  Food insecurity is another issue that plays significantly into the education system.  An incredible amount of imagination and new designs will be necessary to significantly impact how our children grow up in the state of Oklahoma.  Many organizations will be needed to work in the estuary region where many children do not get the support they really need.  A new model of collaboration is needed, and a real sense of urgency needs to be adopted.

Here is a report of “Overall Child Well Being in Oklahoma” compiled by

Please take a minute to learn more about the film, the film makers and the cause.

Girl Rising Links and FAQ’s:



stay calm and register now

Wednesday, February 27, 2013
Contact: Sheila Kidder 405.659.2852

2013 Princess Run and Little Dude Dash Date/Location Announced

“April 14th – 4th Annual Festival to be Magical by The River”

runhers, a women’s health and lifestyle organization headquartered in OKC, announces that the 4th Annual Princess Run Festival and Little Dude Dash will take place on April 14th from 1pm – 5pm in and around the OKC Boathouse District on the Oklahoma River.

The nationally renowned OKC Boathouse District will again be transformed into a magical village on April 14th for the children’s festival. The Princess Run is a frolicking, whimsical 1.2 mile run/walk/stroll event designed to delight girls 12 and under while encouraging a healthy and happy lifestyle. The Little Dude Dash is a “wicked cool” 1.2 mile run/walk for boys. Part of the proceeds will benefit The Oklahoma City Boathouse Foundation.

The festival begins at 1:00pm as the festival opens on the OKC Boathouse District grounds. All of the venues will be open for tours and youth activities sponsored by OKC RIVERSPORT. The Princess Run will start at 2:00pm and the Little Dude Dash will start at 3:15. The 1.2 mile runs will be along the Oklahoma River trails. A full schedule of attractions and activities, along with course map and village layout will be released on March 25th.

“The Princess Run and Little Dude Dash Festival is designed to celebrate and delight in our youth. On this day, kids are our only focus (parents can run w/kids or act like kids), our creativity and imagination allows us to be as playful as they are with this festival,” says runhers special projects director Sheila Kidder. “We want the event to entertain, engage and celebrate our amazing kids while offering support and awareness for all the great things that are happening on the Oklahoma River here in OKC.”

There is an entry fee to participate in the Princess Run and Little Dude Dash event. Registration for the event is now open. The Princess Run and Little Dude Dash participant level will be capped and has sold out the prior three years. The festival is a free and open event. See

about runhers® women’s association

runhers is a dynamic and creative women’s lifestyle organization. runhers is built on the belief that women must move to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle. We produce lifestyle programs, trainings, creative forums, entertainment & amazing events. If you can imagine a better you, we can help you create it. To engage, please visit us at or – twitter @runhers – email

About Oklahoma City Boathouse Foundation

The OKC Boathouse Foundation promotes the use and development of the Oklahoma River as a world-class urban aquatic venue and provides access to rowing, kayaking and fitness programs for people of all ages and abilities. OKCBF programs pursue the highest goals of sports and embrace the principles of the Olympic spirit which inspire athletes to work toward personal excellence, embrace the power of teamwork, and practice respect for all people and the environment. To learn more or get involved, call (405) 552-4040 or visit , or

# # #

enid kick-off meeting

January 18, 2013



Contact: Sheila Kidder, OKC – (405.659.2852) | Adina Childs, Enid – (580-231-1877) |

runhers to launch Enid Group

January 24th Date Set

Oklahoma City based runhers, a women’s lifestyle association, announces that it will be kicking off its Enid Group on January 24th at 6:30pm at Callahan’s, with a short celebration walk followed by a meet and greet to gather ideas on how to expand the reach and grow the runhers culture in the Enid area.  The runhers Enid group will be hosting training runs/walks, events and entertaining monthly forums.

runhers Director of Special Projects Sheila Kidder states, “We were so excited when the ladies in Enid contacted us to start up a group there. ” Kidder continues, “We are so much more than our name ‘runhers’ alludes to – our goal is to be a unifier and a community catalyst for a healthy, smart lifestyle.  Our goal is to help each woman as much as we can on her journey towards health happiness – and with Adina Childs, Kim Boeckman,  Sarah Brennan and the Enid team leadership we look forward to sharing and learning with the Enid Community.”

runhers Enid Director Adina Childs comments, “I loved what runhers was doing for women in other Oklahoma communities and I wanted to see that culture grow here in Enid as well.”  Childsstates, “Enid has a lot of positive things going on, and we think that this organization can help drive a more healthy and energized culture into the community.  We know women are the family catalysts, so we want to work with health organizations and other like-minded community resources to get Enid women and kids moving!”

About runhers® women’s association

runhers is a dynamic and creative women’s lifestyle organization.  runhers is built on the belief that women must move to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle. We produce lifestyle programs, trainings, creative forums, entertainment & amazing events. If you can imagine a better you, we can help you create it.  To connect, please visit us at or – twitter @runhers – email

the artist and the athlete

Editor’s Note:  For our OKC Group, January 14that Iguana Restaurant will be a very happy evening as we paint with the talented and prolific artist Tiffany Bora aka The Tipsy Artist.  Tiffany is the owner and Artist of Tipsy Artist Wine and Paint Parties, Artist Adventure for Kids, Tiffany Michelle Designs and Director at Gallery Grazioso in Guthrie, Oklahoma.

We spend a lot of time at the runhers HQ studying design and art in its various forms and how applied imagination applies to lifestyle – as imagination, creativity and improvisation all play key roles in how we manage our days.  We like to think of each of you as an individual creative endeavor – trying to find and create as many good things as possible in running, fitness, family, food and lifestyle to help you design your best you!  In this article, the inspiring artist Tiffany shares her perspective on how art inspires, heals and moves people emotionally in ways you may have never imagined and gives some great New Year’s Thoughts.Her imagination, passion and talent shine through with everything she does!

Tiffany begins, “Every morning I am on the treadmill captivating a time of claiming my blessings, future accomplishments and big dreams!  It is a time that I guard fiercely in order to make my mission a reality every day.”In regards to our January 14th joint effort she adds, “My Mission as The Tipsy Artist is to ‘Create a Canvas of Encouragement.’  This paint party partnership with runhers organization is a perfect way to Manifest Your Masterpiece of Encouragement & Motivation on canvas with a true spirit of Adventure!  I look forward to many more creative projects with runhers and the hers brands.”

A few questions for Tiffany:

runhers:  You obviously have a system that keeps you active and happy, so, what role do you see the arts in helping women to be more active, happy, adventurous and creative in their everyday lives?

Tiffany:  There is a well-known proverb that says “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”   Clarity is Power! Learning how to create a vision for your life’s goals is vital for accomplishing your goals.  The arts provide the way to really SEE your goals in a very tangible way. I have Vision Parties with collage and paint that help women see their dreams in a beautiful way that can be hung in a prominent place to remind them daily with hope and encouragement. The process of creation is a blast and the results that are manifested are often breathtakingly remarkable.

runhers:  We talk often about getting movement in as often as possible, so, what does movement and flow mean from an artist’s perspective?

Tiffany:  Movement and Flow from an Artist’s perspective.  The best way I know how to describe the great mastery of movement and flow in art is that it is truly a process. First the artist must master basic craftsmanship.  For example, draw something exactly as it appears.  If you look at Picasso’s early works they are very much like looking at a photograph. He was then able to kick it up with “Letting Go” of all the rules and then playing from a different field within the realm of imagination. This is a wild, fierce and lovely playground. Shapes can be abstracted, blurred and fantastically manipulated with a bold “just do it” kind of stroke with no inhibitor of conformity.

runhers:  Do you have some rockin’ cool tips and advice for 2013?

Tiffany: Make your goals positive and specific in the present tense.  For example say “I earn $75,000 per year” or “I weigh 120 pounds” The Brain responds best to a present tense command.

  1. Start where you are, with what you have.  Taking small daily steps forward is the key to big results! Everyone’s path to success comes with many twists and turns!  Embrace your journey!
  2. Feel good about want you want to accomplish by cultivating times of imagination with music. This is why running or some form of exercise is so good for you.  It is the perfect time to elevate above everything in your world and create your new life in your mind.  The body will follow!
  3. Implement what I call The “Artist Adventure” Experience. It begins with Changing Your Vision; then it’s about Changing Your Life!  Take a deep breath and look at Your Vision… Your Future.

Artist Philosophy:

See Your Strength. Create Your Strength.  Be Strong.

Adventure Intelligence:

  • Don’t talk about your problems. Talk to your problems about your Your Strengths.
  • Be Thankful. Always say “I am thankful for my healing.” Always take the time to say thank you to others.
  • Be helpful. Devote time to helping others heal.
  • Be Tenaciously Optimistic! It’s a lifestyle!  🙂
  • Be organized. A literal picture of a healthy body is always very organized and symmetrical. Emulate this behavior with your habits and environment.
  • Be present. The mind responds to a present tense directive. Whatever your goal, speak “in the now” Say “I am Strong!”
  • Be a person who smiles and laughs frequently. Watch comedies. Display pictures or art that make you smile and view them often throughout the day.
  • Be Love and Light. Open a window and let the shine into your world. Read inspirational books. Listen and Learn. Then share your love and light lessons with others.
  • Be a Bottle Rocket of Kindness. Take time to notice what is beautiful around you with people and places. Share your compliments with endearing persistent enthusiasm.

About Tiffany

Artist, Tiffany Michelle Bora has always held a passion for creating art.  Like many artists, Tiffany’s creative journey began as a young child. Her first award winning art show was on the shores of Huntington Beach, California, at the age of four when she won “Most Original Design” for her sand building that incorporated seaweed into sculpture.  Tiffany’s parents believed in her at a very early age and enrolled her into art classes with oil painting.  Her talents were further cultivated at Texas Tech University when she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art with a Major in Studio Art & Painting and Double Minor in Drawing and Marketing.

As an adult, Tiffany focused her artistic attention on creating her own original gift line of hand tooled metal spiritual pieces & modern motivational collage that have been shown across the country in hundreds of galleries, juried art shows and boutiques.  A Celebrity Client list includes Bass Pro Shops Founder John L. Morris, Northern Exposure’s Janeen Turner, MTV’s Todd Oldham and Dallas Cowboy’s Troy Williams.  Tiffany has also been seen on MTV Cribs & PBS/OETA “Utopia Joe” TV show as a Co-Star & Producer with her husband Joe.

Tiffany’s passion for art goes beyond production and into the realm of a unique mix of teaching culinary and fine arts.  She hosted her first Wine and Painting Exhibit at the Oklahoma Creativity Launch in 2008 with a Large Scale Community Canvas shared by 1000 special guests including Governor Brad Henry, Gold Medalist Bart Connor and many other prominent Oklahomans.  She currently leads as Executive Director of Gallery Grazioso while teaching hundreds of students locally with her Tipsy Artist classes along with other volunteer efforts for Artist Adventure & K.I.P.P.

Bora’s mission is to manifest success and healing through exciting creativity & visual encouragement.  Creating as she calls it “A Canvas of Encouragement” Her artistic projects represent a diverse blend of fine art, assemblage, hand-painted furniture, shrines, photography, interior design, TV production, graphic art, children’s books and more than 15 years of art instruction for all ages.

To learn more about Tiffany, please visit her Artist Website at and