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december holiday fit challenge


The Holiday Fit Challenge is a personal commitment to get your body moving everyday through the month of December. You don’t have to have anything extreme; all you have to do is commit to 15 minutes of activity each day. 


Because we all know December can be a month full of busy schedules, social events, family gatherings and deliciously indulgent foods – we want to keep you healthy and MOVING! All the small (or not) bites of sweet goodness add up.  On the other hand, so does all the small physical activities you perform throughout the day. Instead of waiting until that magical New Year’s Day to ‘begin again’, keep it going now so you don’t ever have to “start” again. Lead a healthy example for all your family, friends and co-workers! 


Here’s the fun part. You don’t have to be a runner, any form of physical activity that gets your heart pumping and the blood flowing helps – anything goes! You can walk around your neighborhood, run the stairs at lunch and do lunges while vacuuming – WHATEVER you can think of to add. You just have to MOVE! Get the idea yet?

What’s in it for you?

With the stress of the holidays – you will certainly have a healthier view of the world (and the family)!  Also, besides burning more calories, being healthier, and feeling better, we will sweeten the deal for you. For everyone who joins in the challenge, you will be entered to win cool runhers gear AND a local Oklahoma City 5K race of your choice! Not ready for a 5K yet, don’t worry, we have a training plan for you also! In addition to participating you will also receive another entry for each week that you successfully complete your goal.  We will have 5 winners of various prizes!  The best prize is you feel better about making it through the holidays healthier and happier than ever!

All you have to do is make the commitment to become a little healthier this holiday season through daily movement. At the beginning of the week make a goal and plan what you are going to do each day. You can always change it up if you need to, but by having a plan ahead of time you are more likely to follow through with it. If you need a little guidance with workouts, connect with me and I will send out a plan including workouts for each week. Each Monday you will check in and let us know you completed the minimal 15 minutes.  Easy stuff!

You may not have an hour to devote BUT I would guarantee you have 15 minutes somewhere in your day to do SOMETHING. With such a busy month, our workouts may lessen while holiday parties, food and drink consumption typically increases.  So let’s offset the trends and make this a healthy month!  Who’s in?

To enter simply “COMMENT” on the Holiday Fit Challenge Post on and let us know you are going to participate, any specifics you want to share and we will add your name to the drawings. If you do not have a Facebook account, please send an email with your name and goals to with the subject title “December Holiday Fit Challenge”.

Example of how to jazz up your day to day routine:

Vacuuming– pick up your pace, try to clean each room faster than the next. Add in 1 minute of pushups in between rooms.

Stairs– always the stairs, then go back down. The 2nd time is always more fun.

Mall Shopping– Lap each level, walk fast then do your shopping.

Walking/Jogging– make the most out of your time. Add in different speed intervals to get your heart rate up versus a steady constant pace.

Mopping– Turn on some music, add a few extra firm strokes to add in an upper body burner.

Get the family involved– challenge them to a push up, or high jump contest, better yet family dance revolution night!

Cooking– use the counters to do pushups off of or tricep dips

Example of Weekly Schedule:

Monday- 20 minute jog
Tuesday- 15 minute cardio/core
Wednesday- Leg strengthening
Thursday- 5 minute arms, 15 minute walk/run intervals
Friday- yoga
Saturday- 30-60 minute run
Sunday- 20 minute dog walk