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a good way to start your day

Editor’s Note:  With fall in full swing, we get to thinking about nice welcoming mugs of goodness to warm our bones.   Research has shown a strong association of teas with long life and health in many ancient cultures.  After reading this WebMD article, you will find that green tea is very beneficial for your health.  We enjoy iced green tea in the summer, now it’s time to make it a year round drink, a daily ritual!  Drink it to relax, and for your health.  Enjoy the article!  Cheers!   

A cup of green tea is a good way to start your day.

By: Paula Spencer Scott A WebMD Feature

“It’s the healthiest thing I can think of to drink,” says Christopher Ochner, PhD. He is a research scientist in nutrition at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. “Green tea is beyond a super food.”

In the past 20 years, thousands of studies have shown green tea’s benefits.

Healthy Cells

Why is green tea so good for you? “It’s all about the catechin content,” says Beth Reardon, RD, a Boston nutritionist. Catechins are antioxidants that fight and may even prevent cell damage. Green tea is not processed much before it is poured in your cup, so it is rich in catechins.

Healthy Heart

Green tea has been shown to improve blood flow and lower cholesterol. A 2013 review of many studies found green tea helped prevent a range of heart-related issues, from high blood pressure to congestive heart failure.

Brain Health

What’s good for the heart is usually good for the brain, and your brain needs healthy blood vessels, too. In one Swiss study, MRIs revealed that people who drank green tea had greater activity in the working-memory area of their brains.  Green tea has also been shown to help block the formation of plaques that are linked to Alzheimer’s disease.


Green tea seems to help keep blood sugar stable in people with diabetes. Because catechins lower cholesterol and blood pressure, they can protect against the damage a high-fat diet can cause, Ochner says.

Weight Loss

Green tea can help increase and even change your metabolism, so you burn more calories from fat. Studies show that green tea can also help you keep weight off once you’ve lost it.

It’s also a smart swap for sugary drinks. “All things being equal, if you sub 1-2 cups of green tea for one can of soda, over the next year you’d save over 50,000 calories,” says Ochner. That’s more than 15 pounds.

Cancer Role

Studies on green tea’s impact on cancer have been mixed.  But green tea is known to aid healthy cells in all stages of growth. There are some indications green tea may help destroy cancer cells.

Less Stress

Sipping tea helps you slow down and relax, Reardon says. An amino acid called theanine found in green tea can provide a calming effect.

For a healthy cuppa:

  • Don’t add green tea to boiling water. You’ll kill helpful catechins. Better: 160-170 degree water.
  • Add lemon. Vitamin C makes the healthy compounds in green tea easier to absorb. Dairy, on the other hand, makes it harder to absorb the catechins.
  • Levels of the healthful compounds in green tea can vary. Rule of thumb: Pricier teas usually have more, and canned green-tea drinks have less.

Aim for at least four cups a day, two with caffeine and two without. Even more than that seems to have little health downside, other than the possible effects of caffeine, Ochner says. “There could not be a more simple way to improve your health,” he says.

life balance

What is life balance? We know how important balance is to walk, run, sit, stand. What about balance in life?

I have spent the last few years really working on this for myself. I have always struggled with having the balance between work, family, friends and relationships, and the most important one … time for myself. Work and family always received plenty of attention. My friendships and relationships didn’t always have a place. As I have gotten older I have realized how important it is to make room for friends and a partner. I absolutely love to work and grow professionally. I forget I need to work and grow personally too.

Ironically, I learned this when I dove head first into a business coaching program. I worked with a fantastic company out of San Diego. I assumed they would have me working more and more hours in order to meet my financial goals. This is not the way they teach. In fact, this company preaches the importance of spending time doing the things you enjoy that are not work, and how to accomplish this and meet your financial needs/goals.

How do we build our life to be balanced? It takes constant effort and practice. It takes creativity and improvisation. I don’t feel we will ever master life balance. The second we think we have it figured out will be the second we lose it. The process, however, is actually very simple. We schedule it. Before each new week starts we should schedule out what our ideal week looks like. The week may end up having other plans for you – so, that’s where the ability to improvise to get back on track comes in!

I recommend sitting with a notepad (or iPad for us techies) and writing out your goals, including your finances, health, family, relationships and YOU. It is important to take at least one day per week that is dedicated to the home. This day can be utilized for connecting with your significant other and kids or just hanging out at the house and taking it easy. Once you have your goals lined up you can start to figure out how much time each goal needs and how frequently during the week. Is it 3 days a week of working out for an hour at a time? Or is 5 days a week for 20-30 minutes your ideal workout routine? Even several 5 minute fitness breaks add up!

What my coach had me do is fill out a schedule every week. I would do this on Friday or Saturday of the week prior. I highlighted the hours I was going to be working in one color. I would highlight my workout schedule in another. I also scheduled in breaks each day to catch up in case my day became hectic. If it didn’t, I had a bonus break. (Hello phone call to faraway friends!) Color code everything from the time you wake up until you go to bed. You will be amazed to see how much better your time management will become!

When my balance is off, I feel it in all aspects of my life. It’s a constant checking in with myself. Sometimes I really have to sit and think about what the cause is. Usually I am thrown off balance when I don’t have enough down time. Loving to work is great until it consumes my mind. I will work all evening then wake up and get right back at it before I actually walk into the salon doors. Being able to recognize being off balance is the first step to getting in balance. From there, seeing where the imbalance is coming from will show what areas need more attention and what areas need less.

This kind of planning can also be utilized for your work day. We know how many hours we want or have to work each day, so why not block out time to get specific things done? I understand not all jobs or careers allow for that, however, if it works for your position your time at work will be much more productive.

So, play around with a couple different schedules. Improvise and change it as it needs to be changed. This will at least give you an outline to start your week in the right direction with the best of intentions. The main thing I try to encourage others to do is make sure they are taking care of themselves. If I am not taking care of me properly, how can I make sure my business is running at its best, I’m completely present for my partner, and I’m providing the support I need to be providing for my family and friends?

Give it a shot, and see how it works for you! Feel free to share your successes and not-so-successful attempts at creating life balance. Enjoy the process!

Live. Life. Beautifully.

Staci Patton