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2015. the year ahead.

We have always thought of this ‘runhers’ project as a social experiment, trying to find ‘what works’ in connecting women to a healthier and happier lifestyle. Since the beginning, we have been researching and connecting with women around the country, and around the world, on any number of topics regarding women’s issues and lifestyle. “It’s time to share your work with others,” we’ve been told.  As you may know, to incorporate all the research and projects, we filed for and received our non-profit status in late 2014.  The umbrella organization is named “the hers projects.” runhers women’s association is our touchstone project.

Women’s issues relating to balance, fitness, food, cultural and behavioral science, arts and entertainment, medical and health care are all important areas of research and development we have been in partnering and collaborating on, behind the scenes, for years. We’ve even talked to the Happiness Institute in Australia – as well as many top women execs in entertainment, sports and business. The learning curve has been incredibly steep – but the investment has been well worth our time and resources. We aim to provide clarity in a complex world of competing ideas, junk science and false advertising, all luring you to try (buy) their quick fix solutions or to ‘look’ a certain way. 

We’d like all of your input and collaborative ideas as well. That’s how this organization will evolve and stay relevant, with a constant stream of fresh thinking, smart women, risk taking and new ideas colliding in an environment that nourishes and promotes a culture where women can grow and create. We want to push boundaries for women, and be a uniting force in our communities. 

One of our core beliefs is that we grow strong roots. We grow organically, one woman at a time. The most important thing for us is to help each individual woman we connect with in some way. From the beginning, we have thought of each woman as a unique, individual creative challenge.  We want to grow and continue to develop, for each individual woman, a sense of connection, belonging, and a well-developed support system in our complex world.  With plenty of laughter and fun along the journey! 

You’ll see much more in 2015, as we roll out new initiatives and projects in 2015.  We’ve learned that it takes time to develop a concept and vision.  We’ve been encouraged by several of our advisers, who’ve reminded us that their own project(s) take 4+ years from concept to launch. 

You can help us in several ways. You can volunteer, or collaborate with us in helping more women.  You can help us financially, by becoming an individual member at $20 annually, or by giving more.  If you own a company, or work for a company looking to get more involved in the community, we have sponsorship and partner opportunities. We also will work with in-kind donations.  If you have some imaginative or creative way to plug in, or to plug us in, we’d love that!    

The support of friends, family and community members like you enables the hers projects to evolve, and push creative boundaries through our approach.  We empower, entertain and motivate women and girls to connect with and develop important skills and abilities, encouraging lifelong health and happiness. 

Annual gifts to the hers projects provide the revenue needed to support key programs like runhers women’s association, walkhers and Designing a Safer Woman, along with a host of other programs currently in design. The gifts help us provide program materials, equipment, coach/volunteer/collaborator supplies, outreach to the communities we serve, and other experiments that help women find their version of healthy and happy. 

Someone said, “If you want to change society, you must mobilize the women in that society.” Our projects for 2015, and beyond, are bold – and audacious.  However, our 5 years of experimentation, research and development give us great confidence that we can continue designing and building something very special, that will stand the test of time, and be passed on to our daughters, and their daughters, to continue imagining, designing and building the future they envision.  All the best for a great New Year! 

Sheila Kidder
Special Projects Director, Board Member
From The Board of Directors – the hers projects
a 501(c)3 non-profit organization

giving tuesday

December 2nd, 2014

A note about runhers women’s association and the hers projects on #givingtuesday

Private funding has funded the runhers experiment and the associated research projects over the past few years. We recently became a 501c3 non-profit organization under the umbrella name “the hers projects.” Headquartered in Oklahoma City – runhers, walkhers, bikehers and Designing a Safer Woman are all projects under the umbrella.  With having so much more significant work to do, and so much farther to grow these and other projects, and other projects in design, the non-profit organization choice was the best way we could pursue to move up to new levels.

December 2nd is Giving Tuesday; and we’d love to have your support.  Any level of support is welcomed. We are looking for collaborating partners, corporations, and other like-minded organizations to partner with.  For individuals and/or small organizations, anything from $5 to $500 or more can help – everything adds up.  We’d love to have any/all in-kind donations that support our runs, walks and overall goal of helping as many woman as we can find their version of healthy and happy – through our programs and uniquely designed programming.  (Note: we will have our donate buttons up on the runhers and hers projects sites soon. You can direct your giving specifically to any program, i.e. runhers women’s association, by including that in your note. For now, you can also send any checks made out to “the hers projects” to P.O. Box 720627 – OKC, OK 73172)

Our goal is to significantly increase outreach and connectivity in each community we have a presence in. We will initiate and train more groups, design and hold more creative forums, as well as design immersive entertainment, education, and events (we currently have 9 significant events in design).  

We intend to further our already amazing research in women’s health and lifestyle with more collaborators and funding. Lastly, our women’s imagination lab and headquarters design is taking shape on paper.  Right now, some of the world’s most creative companies/people are offering design support, cultural ideas, and advice.  

We believe we are designing/developing a bold, audacious, one of a kind organization that can impact many, many women through “the hers projects.”  Below is our “about” the projects.  2015 is our year to kick off all the work we’ve been doing, behind the scenes, for the last few years!  Please help by getting involved with others in this culture changing, always evolving experiment!  


To be a creative force that empowers women to discover, design and activate their version of a healthy and happy life.  We create partnerships and experiences that engage, entertain and inspire women everywhere.


By eliminating boundaries between cultures, organizations, disciplines and artistic expressions, our passionate people will create programs, products, entertainment and life solutions that engage the imagination and drive a new culture of wellness and health for women.

Our Core Values

  • We value each person as a unique individual
  • We believe in the power of creativity and imagination
  • We are unwavering in our commitment to authenticity, quality and amazing service
  • We are a creative force in unifying and enriching our communities
  • We believe in team work and collaboration at every touch point of the organization
  • We are a model organization on environmental and sustainability issues

Our Headquarters and Imagination Lab:

The hers projects headquarters and lab will serve as a one of a kind, multi-purpose, multi-function environment designed to advance our mission of serving women and communities.  The lab will be the estuary region where collaboration, talent, imagination and design come together to create powerful new tools for women in their pursuit of happiness and healthier living.  Stay tuned.