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what the heck is piloxing

Editor’s Note:  We are one a never ending quest to discover new things.  Trends in exercise, fashion, entertainment, art and architecture are just some of the things we are constantly curious about.  Of course, you can add all things health and happiness to that too!  If you have some interesting topic that you think we should be learning about and sharing – please contact us.   Our feature here is on the topic of piloxing, a new exercise program that Staci Patton is now teaching!  Take it away Staci! 

runhers:  Hey Staci

Staci: Well, hello there!

runhers:  So, being on top of many trends, styles and other cool things, you found a new way to move your body?

Staci:  I have! Through my friend in LA, who is a Master Trainer for the company, I came across PILOXING. It is quickly growing! We have certified instructors worldwide!

runhers: Can you give us a little background on where/how Piloxing began, it’s a very cool name!

Staci:  Of course. PILOXING started in LA about 5 years ago. The creator, Viveca Jensen, is a Swedish-born professional dancer, trained boxer and Pilates instructor. Viveca has a Pilates studio in Burbank, where she trains all sorts of people, including celebrity clients. She took her favorite disciplines and created a fusion built in an interval setting, which is the best way to get cardio and burn fat. The class is one hour long, and includes a warm up, class portion with boxing, Pilates, and dance.  Then we move to the floor to work on butt and abs before cooling down. The best part of the class is it doesn’t feel like you’ve been working out for an hour!

runhers: What kind of a workout can people expect when they come to a Piloxing session?

Staci: A fun, fast-paced and challenging workout! PILOXING is bare foot training, which really engages your core for the balanced movements. It also helps strengthen your feet. (Hello runhers!) We wear weighted gloves that are a half-pound a piece, which is the weight of a boxing glove. Incorporating bare foot training and the weighted gloves really helps get the most out of the class. The gloves especially add to the toning aspect in the arms, as well as increasing the heart rate for the duration of the class. I typically burn around 600 calories during the class. Since it is interval training, your metabolism gets kicked into high gear and continues to burn for up to twelve hours after you are done. Bare foot training and the weighted gloves are completely optional though.

runhers: Do you have to bring  level of fitness or skill set to begin doing Piloxing?

Staci:  Not necessarily. Depending on where each person is in their fitness journey, PILOXING can be modified for them. It’s about moving, sweating and having a good time while doing so. The first class is always going to be the hardest. Most of the women who have taken my class claim to not be coordinated, but I disagree! Because it is a cardio workout, some may take more frequent breaks than others, which is perfectly fine. And for the fitness junkies, I am still challenged by the workout every time I do it. You can always amp up or tone down your own intensity.

runhers:  Do the workouts change often?  Or will I do pretty much the same workout at different intensity?

Staci: I play with different music each week. The choreography will change somewhat. PILOXING has what we call signature blocks, so no matter where you take a class there will be some familiarity to it. However, as a member in the PILOXING Instructor Association, I receive new choreography every quarter to keep things fresh! In each class we will do four boxing blocks, four Pilates blocks and three dance blocks. Each one is different, so no block is repeated during the class.

runhers: What else should I know about Piloxing?

Staci: PILOXING is so fun! We don’t take ourselves seriously. We shake our booties while getting fit! Fitness should include workouts you really enjoy, and since PILOXING is so core focused, it makes for great cross training for runners. Oh, and we always end each class with the PILOXING mantra, which is SLEEK, SEXY, POWERFUL! I always leave feeling empowered and strong!

runhers:  Well, thank you for sharing, we are coming to try it out!

Staci: Thank you for helping me spread the PILOXING love! Please do! I teach at Body Language in Edmond on Wednesday nights at 6. I would love to introduce everyone to my favorite workout! If anyone would like more info or has any questions for me I can be reached at