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dynamic warm-up stretches

by: Sara McCauley, Energy Director

The purpose of warming up is to prepare the body for physical activity and to prevent injury.  A Dynamic Warm Up is an active warm up involving movement that mimics the actual activity of an intense exercise or a long run.  If your muscles haven’t been worked they will be cold and less flexible. By stretching inactive muscles are you putting more stress on the body than good.

Benefits of a Dynamic Warm Up:

  • Increases cardiorespiratory system’s ability to perform work and oxygen capacity
  • Increases heart rate which produces more blood flow through your muscles
  • Prepares joints for activity especially through your hips, spine and ankles (all crucial for running)
  • Increases flexibility
  • Increases mental readiness of an individual

Exercises: Perform for 30 seconds, 2 times each.

HIGH KNEES– Start in place, lift knee high as possible, while swinging opposite arm at 90° in a chopping manner. Move forward.

STRAIGHT LEG KICKS– Stand tall, Lift your left leg out in front of you while raising your right arm, alternate leg while walking forward. Goal is to reach as close to your toes while maintain proper posture in your chest and shoulders.

BUTT KICKS- Kick leg up so that foot approaches but while jogging forward alternate arm swing with each kick.

HIP ROTATION- Opens hips Kick legs across body with a “skip” type motion. Hand touches opposite foot.

EASY JOG- jog in place.