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balance: the teeter totter of life

Balance is the one thing in my life I am constantly working on and shaping. Just like a teeter totter, it shifts back and forth. Sometimes the sway is every minute, while other times it is much larger and requires more attention to get the balance closer to the neutral point.

Life balance is not the same for everyone. For instance, an extrovert needs more social stimulation for an energy boost, while its counterpart, the introvert, recharges their battery by having some solo time. Knowing what you need in your life is crucial in the dance to find your balance.

I am currently at a place where my balance would physically exhaust most people. This fall I am doing three half-marathons, getting BODYPUMP certified, and teaching three PILOXING classes a week. Plus my normal workout schedule. It also includes adequate nightly rest, regular food prep at home, taking care of my clients at the salon, running a business, and my weekly run with my runhers ladies. I do still have time to catch up on my favorite shows, see my friends and family, and have an occasional nap in there, too!

One area I am making a conscious effort to work on is not telling others what their life balance looks like. Is it not always easier to dissect someone else’s life instead of taking a hard look at our own? Yeah, I have been there, too! The truth is I have no idea what keeps another person feeling more in balance. I walk in my shoes on my journey, and you walk in your shoes on your journey. All I can hope for is that you are mindfully working on creating and finding what your balance is.

Why is life balance important? Simple. Life runs smoother. Personally, I am less stressed and frazzled, which keeps me more rational and lighthearted. I also have time to breathe, really admire, and give gratitude to my surroundings. Have you taken the time, or even noticed, the colors of fall happening around us? Or, the bright orange and pink sky early in the morning, and at sunset? Just take a minute to stop, take a deep breath, and reset. Balance.

Some ideas that have helped me:

  1. On Sunday, plan out your weekly to do’s on a paper calendar and give adequate time for all things. Include work, sleep, workout time, “me” time, friend and family time, home maintenance, etc. This will help you manage your time and will show you in advance what kind of flexibility you have for the week. Feel free to make it colorful and fun! It’s your calendar.
  2. Know what your heart and soul need to stay centered. Life balance includes your mental health, emotional well-being, and your physical self. Do not apologize for making those needs a priority. You will be the best version of yourself and able to give to those around you more when you are more in balance. If you are craving a Netflix binge, but the house needs cleaning, by all means … watch a little Netflix. The house will still be waiting for you when you are ready!
  3. Know that perfect balance is not the goal or something to achieve. Life balance is like yoga: it’s a mindful, daily practice. You get better at it. It will evolve as your life evolves. Make adjustments as needed.

My balance right now has included new challenges. I have been in my career for twelve years, and wanted a change, so I have stepped into the fitness industry on the side. It has not taken away from my time in my business at the salon; however, it has added another level of fulfillment to my life now. I don’t know if this is a lifelong venture, but it’s in my today, and I am embracing it 100%. 

Live. Life. Beautifully.

~ Staci

full body quickie

Ok so here’s the deal. We all know there just aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything we need to do. Squeezing in a gym workout isn’t always top priority or even achievable. However, just because there isn’t enough time to go to the gym doesn’t mean you have to miss out on a workout. Some of my best and favorite workouts are done from home; with no equipment needed but a willing body and a little open floor space. So stop making excuses and do it! “Hate me now, love me later.”

Full Body Quickie

Repeat Each Compound Set 3 times before moving on. Really short on time go through each set before repeating to ensure targeting the major muscle groups.

Prisoner Squat 25
Push Up 20
Reverse Crunch 25

Stationary Lunge Right 25
Stationary Lunge Left 25
Tricep Chair Dips

Squat Jacks (wide squat with jump up like a jumping jack) 20
Mountain Climbers 20 each leg
Arm Circles *simple move but challenge by the end
-20 small forward
-20 small backwards

Still feeling feisty? Finish your workout with this ab burner:

Alternating toe touch 20 each leg
Crunches 20
Leg Lifts 20
Side Crunches 20 right and 20 left
Plank hold 60 seconds or until failure
*form always comes first!

core workout

By Sara McCauley, Energy Director

What is the Core?

Despite popular belief your core is not just your abs, it is the center of the body, the beginning point for every single movement you preform and supports the lumbo-pelvic-hip complex. Your core consists of stomach, back and hip muscles.  To be specific:

Why is strengthening your core so important for running?

  • Improves posture
  • Lower risk of/reduces lower back pain and injuries
  • Improves athletic performance by increasing ability to generate force and transfer energy to the limbs

Don’t have a gym membership or equipment? No problem all these exercises can be done in your home, all you need is a comfortable open area.  Perform all exercises in a circuit style 2-3 times, resting for 1-2 min between each set. With every movement activate your core by keeping stomach muscles firm and squeeze your glutes.

Two Leg Floor Bridge (15)

Super Woman (15)

Plank Hold (20 seconds)

Reverse Crunch (15)

Two Leg Floor Bridge- Lie flat on your back with knees bent, feet flat and toes shoulder-width apart and pointing straight.  Arms are to the side palms facing down. Lift pelvis off the floor until knees, hips and shoulders are aligned.  Slowly lower to the floor.

Superman- Lie prone on the floor with legs straight and arms extended above your head. Keep your head neutral, pinch shoulder blades together and lift both feet and hands above the ground, hold for 2 seconds then slowly return body to the ground.

Plank- Lie Prone on the floor with feet together and forearms on the ground. Lift entire body off the ground until you form a straight line from head to toe. Hold. Slowly return body to the ground.

Reverse Crunch- Lie flat on the ground with hips, and knees bent at a 90 degree angle, feet in the air and hands gripping an object for support. Lift hips off the floor while bringing the knees toward the chest. Slowly lower hips back down.