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Our New Norman Director!

Sara R NormanJune 16, 2016

We are happy to announce that Sara Riester has agreed to be the Director of the runhers Norman organization. Sara has been a part of the team for a few years.

Sara lives in Norman with her husband and two children. She began running four years ago to help manage the stress of motherhood and hasn’t stopped since. She credits the ladies of runhers Norman for giving her the inspiration and support to embark upon training for her first half marathon three years ago and her first full marathon last spring in OKC and hopes to extend that inspiration and support for other ladies in the Norman and surrounding communities whatever their personal goals may be. She is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in music education at OU.

Sara states, “I am excited to build on the foundation that’s been set here, and connect more women to our project. We want to be a great resource for the Norman community, and the surrounding area.” She continues, “We want lots of new women to come out for a run or walk with us, and see firsthand how inclusive and fun the environment is.”

And one of Sara’s favorite quotes, “We rise by lifting others.” ~ Robert Ingersoll

Now, let’s have some summer fun!

let’s talk street harassment. on twitter.

Have you ever been cat called while out running or in other public places?  Let’s chat about it.  Join us on February 5th at 12pm EST with Runner’s World Chief Running Officer and the Mayor of Running Bart Yasso; Runner’s World’s Zelle; Stop Street Harrassment’s Holly Kearl; along with freelance journalist and author of the upcoming book Running: A Love Story Jen A. Miller, whose article “Wearing Her #Whorepants” took social media by storm.

Most of you are familiar with Twitter Chats. If not, the way, here’s how it works: we will tweet the questions, and you can give us your stories, perspectives, thoughts and ideas on how we can all work together to address these important issues of street harassment, cat calling and other harassment and violence in public places. The hashtag we will Tweet with is #RWsafety

We’ve designed two Twitter chats on women’s safety and street harassment in the past year.  We’ve been blessed with wicked smart people who have supported and helped us in our work producing the document Designing a Safer Woman ( – and yes, we should come up with a better name for the project. It was our working project name for Version 1.  Maybe you can help retitle it for Version 2? 

We came across Holly Kearl in our research on street harassment, and she has been an inspiration and a passionate leader addressing these issues here in the U.S., and internationally.  Holly has her own story about being harassed while out running.  She has been instrumental in providing clarity and thought for our research at the hers projects.   You can learn more about Holly at, and you can also learn about her cutting edge work with Stop Street Harassment, which is helping women across the globe, at .It’s loaded with everything from definitions to research to projects and plenty of compelling articles and stories. 

Here is a link to Jen’s story “Wearing Her #Whorepants”:  Jen A. Miller has been a freelance journalist for the last 10 years, sticking with the work from home lifestyle because she likes running before lunch and working with her Jack Russell Terrier by her side. She’s a frequent contributor to Runner’s World, Running Times, Zelle, The New York Times and Philadelphia Inquirer and her memoir, Running: A Love Story will be published by Seal Press in early 2016.

Please share this with men, women and any organizations you think have an interest.  We will compile all of the chat, and write a summary and action plan based on the information shared. 

#runhers #hersprojects

the 15th annual run to remember

This year marks the 20th Anniversary of the April 19, 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City.  168 people died and thousands of lives were changed that historic day in Oklahoma City, and across our nation.  What we learned in the face of terror, was that this community had amazing resiliency and courage. That good, indeed, did overcome evil.   And as we mark years, many of those who will participate in the Run to Remember this year we’re not even born yet.  And still, some will be painfully reminded of the lives lost, and of the scars, physical and emotional – some healed, some not. 

So, we will train and run in the spirit and honor of all the people affected.  We will run to honor their memories, celebrate life, reach for the future and united the world in hope.  And so it goes.  Life always goes on, and we must embrace our journeys, living each day fully, reminded that it could all be gone in an instant.  So, we will celebrate life and embrace the journey!

So, with that being said, we kick off half marathon (and shorter distances) training for the April 26th event.  We have a couple of half marathon programs, a 12 and a 16 week training cycle.  You more experienced runners/walkers may opt for the 12 week cycle, since you may already be running regularly. For first time half marathoners and those who are just beginning again, the 16 week cycle offers a more gradual acclimation to building a solid base of time on your feet. 

The 16 week half marathon cycle’s first group run is Saturday, January 10th.

The 12 week half marathon cycle’s first group run is Saturday, February 7th.

We will be posting all locations for the group runs on our Facebook pages in OKC, Norman and Lawton.  If you are not in an area where you can run with us, you can remotely train and keep up with the motivational messages as well.  We are also on Twitter @runhers – so, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please let us know!  As they say, every journey begins with a single step, so take that small step outside your comfort zone, and join our community.  We connect with all ages and abilities, so, you’ll always find support and community here at runhers!  Let’s do this!  

happy 2015

A new year brings new goals, and high ambitions to tackle all those race goals. There are many opportunities for you to do just that this spring. As you can see we are working with several different races with multiple distance options.  This is a great time to join in all of our running fun and take advantage of our group trainings. However, with multiple options it can be difficult to make the decision of which race(s) and distances to pick.

One very important thing that I cannot emphasis enough, is not getting caught up in the advertising hype, and taking on too much, too soon. It can be tempting to dive right in and run all of them, but you can also greatly increase your risk for injury.  You may see more seasoned runners who are able to run back to back races in a short period of time; however that does not mean that is appropriate for everyone. Take your running fitness level and base mileage into consideration – and determine what the best option is for you over the long term. Overtraining can be just as harmful as under training so I encourage you to think about what your overall goal is, and what race is your top priority and adjust your training accordingly. I am happy to talk to you individually on that.

For instance, if you are new to racing but want to run your first half marathon this year, and don’t have the mileage built up yet for Go Girl Run (March 22), the best option for you may be the OKC Memorial Marathon on April 26th.  You can start with the Go Girl 5k, continue with your longer distance training, and then use the Red Bud 10k for more experience. Then, you can complete your goal with OKC Memorial Half Marathon.  Or if you want to run the Go Girl half but don’t want to miss out on our other race events, make that your priority. Follow our 12 week training for that, run a strong race then consider running the5k/ 10k at Red Bud and the 5k or relay at Memorial. And for those who do have more race experience, and want to run both Half Marathons for a new challenge, I say “ROCK ON”, just be smart with your training and listen to your body!  Let me know if you need extra help with increasing speed or racing strategy.

It is going to be an amazing spring racing season with many opportunities to do great things! runhers is a wonderful, supportive community of women – who will cheer and push you all along the way. My goal is to keep you healthy and strong, so that running/walking is a long term lifestyle that you are still doing many years down the road. Remember, there will always be more races and WE WILL be there! Make the best decisions now, in the short term, so you are able to see that through to the end!  If you ever have questions about your training and “how to fit it all in”, never hesitate to ask, I am happy to help and want to see you perform at your best!  Those small daily decisions add up, so, here’s to a great 2015!

~Coach Sara

Director of Training Programs (and Energy)


how to have a better attitude at the pool (or on the run)

Editor’s Note:  Running and swimming have a lot in common, with the main thing that both are “lifetime” sports.  You can do either at a very young age, through adult life and on through the golden years.  Running, like swimming, you can do just for fun, or to compete.  As far as burning off stress and staying fit, both are excellent choices. So with that, here’s an article that we found on a swimming site, that serves its purpose just as well with running!  Enjoy!

by: Olivier Poirier-Leroy – via

It’s crazy how much of an impact our attitude has when it comes to the way we perform in the pool.

On days when we are riding high, with life seemingly bending to our will, even the toughest of workouts is met with an optimistic and determined front. And yet, when we feel bummed out, or pessimistic, the tough stuff in the pool becomes even tougher.

“Excellence is not a skill. It’s an attitude.” – Ralph Marston

Being positive-minded when you are going through those heavy bouts of training, where exams and assignments are piling up, can help make the challenging stuff easier to handle. When we are optimistic we are able to better brace ourselves for the difficult chapters in our swimming career, and perhaps most importantly for the team, you contribute to developing an environment where everyone – and especially you – are primed for success.

1. Get better at failing. If you look at the way you take and handle setbacks as a skill, something you can actively work on, than you are light years ahead of those swimmers that take every failure – large and small – as an indictment on their abilities. Look, setbacks are gonna happen. From the age grouper, to the multi-Olympic, multi-gold medal winning athlete. What separates those from who allow failure to define why they quit and those who choose to make failure a re-direction in their journey is the outlook they have. Decide to work on improving the way you handle failing.

 2. Journal some gratitude. By now there is no doubt that at least one of your friends on Facebook (perhaps even you) have taken some form of the gratitude challenge. (For the uninitiated, you write out 3-5 things you are grateful for on Facebook each day for a few weeks.) Research has shown that this actually works, and that redirecting your thoughts to the good stuff in your life that you have in your life increases happiness and decreases stress. You certainly don’t need to post it online for the world to see,   spending a few minutes at home logging it into a notebook or log book works just as well.

 3. Celebrate the victories. Especially the small ones. If you are like me, you tend to undervalue the impact of your small wins. Because they aren’t the big, life-altering victories that cause massive change, we gloss them over, ignore them and bypass them. Which is too bad. Although having three really good practices in a row, or doing bilateral breathing for the full workout, or doing every meter with awesome technique isn’t a world record or gold medal, it’s still worth recognizing and celebrating.

 4. Be solutions oriented. It’s easy to point out the faults and shortcomings of not only ourselves, but of those around us. When things aren’t going our way the quickest route is to latch on to the problem and dwell on it. Rather than piling on to yourself (or others) seek a solution, a path forward and offer constructive criticism. When we seek solutions we are moving forward, making progress. Making excuses and offering criticism without guidance keeps us stuck in place.

 5. Remember that attitude is a choice. We make a metric ton of choices on a daily basis. What we are going to eat for breakfast. Whether or not we are going to pay attention in class. Whether or not to unfollow or fully unfriend the chronic meme-poster friend on Facebook. The mental approach we take on, the attitude we carry around with us, is dictated by us as well. Simply thinking about having a better attitude can often be just the thing to have it improve. Being conscious of the fact that our chosen attitude is our prerogative is better than allowing our attitude to be influenced by others and left up to chance.

 6. Don’t let the negativity of others infect you. This one is a little more sneaky. We don’t often notice how the people around us influence us until much later. Hang out with a complainer for the course of a day and you can’t help but latch on to some of that negative energy, catching yourself complaining by the end of the day. Hang out with positive-minded people, however, and you will find their optimism to be infectious. If, according the law of averages, we are the average of the five people we spend the majority of our time with, what does that make you?

 7. In the words of Ghandi, be the change. When you are positive with others around you, supporting their goals, making for a more positively charged training environment, caring about your teammates, you cannot help be become more positive with yourself. Seeing the positive within you comes with seeing the positive in others. The effects of this may seem simple, but they are profound. When you choose to be the catalyst for creating a positive environment in training, and when you and your teammates encourage one another and foster an environment that pushes everyone to succeed, everybody wins.

balance: the teeter totter of life

Balance is the one thing in my life I am constantly working on and shaping. Just like a teeter totter, it shifts back and forth. Sometimes the sway is every minute, while other times it is much larger and requires more attention to get the balance closer to the neutral point.

Life balance is not the same for everyone. For instance, an extrovert needs more social stimulation for an energy boost, while its counterpart, the introvert, recharges their battery by having some solo time. Knowing what you need in your life is crucial in the dance to find your balance.

I am currently at a place where my balance would physically exhaust most people. This fall I am doing three half-marathons, getting BODYPUMP certified, and teaching three PILOXING classes a week. Plus my normal workout schedule. It also includes adequate nightly rest, regular food prep at home, taking care of my clients at the salon, running a business, and my weekly run with my runhers ladies. I do still have time to catch up on my favorite shows, see my friends and family, and have an occasional nap in there, too!

One area I am making a conscious effort to work on is not telling others what their life balance looks like. Is it not always easier to dissect someone else’s life instead of taking a hard look at our own? Yeah, I have been there, too! The truth is I have no idea what keeps another person feeling more in balance. I walk in my shoes on my journey, and you walk in your shoes on your journey. All I can hope for is that you are mindfully working on creating and finding what your balance is.

Why is life balance important? Simple. Life runs smoother. Personally, I am less stressed and frazzled, which keeps me more rational and lighthearted. I also have time to breathe, really admire, and give gratitude to my surroundings. Have you taken the time, or even noticed, the colors of fall happening around us? Or, the bright orange and pink sky early in the morning, and at sunset? Just take a minute to stop, take a deep breath, and reset. Balance.

Some ideas that have helped me:

  1. On Sunday, plan out your weekly to do’s on a paper calendar and give adequate time for all things. Include work, sleep, workout time, “me” time, friend and family time, home maintenance, etc. This will help you manage your time and will show you in advance what kind of flexibility you have for the week. Feel free to make it colorful and fun! It’s your calendar.
  2. Know what your heart and soul need to stay centered. Life balance includes your mental health, emotional well-being, and your physical self. Do not apologize for making those needs a priority. You will be the best version of yourself and able to give to those around you more when you are more in balance. If you are craving a Netflix binge, but the house needs cleaning, by all means … watch a little Netflix. The house will still be waiting for you when you are ready!
  3. Know that perfect balance is not the goal or something to achieve. Life balance is like yoga: it’s a mindful, daily practice. You get better at it. It will evolve as your life evolves. Make adjustments as needed.

My balance right now has included new challenges. I have been in my career for twelve years, and wanted a change, so I have stepped into the fitness industry on the side. It has not taken away from my time in my business at the salon; however, it has added another level of fulfillment to my life now. I don’t know if this is a lifelong venture, but it’s in my today, and I am embracing it 100%. 

Live. Life. Beautifully.

~ Staci

what the heck is piloxing

Editor’s Note:  We are one a never ending quest to discover new things.  Trends in exercise, fashion, entertainment, art and architecture are just some of the things we are constantly curious about.  Of course, you can add all things health and happiness to that too!  If you have some interesting topic that you think we should be learning about and sharing – please contact us.   Our feature here is on the topic of piloxing, a new exercise program that Staci Patton is now teaching!  Take it away Staci! 

runhers:  Hey Staci

Staci: Well, hello there!

runhers:  So, being on top of many trends, styles and other cool things, you found a new way to move your body?

Staci:  I have! Through my friend in LA, who is a Master Trainer for the company, I came across PILOXING. It is quickly growing! We have certified instructors worldwide!

runhers: Can you give us a little background on where/how Piloxing began, it’s a very cool name!

Staci:  Of course. PILOXING started in LA about 5 years ago. The creator, Viveca Jensen, is a Swedish-born professional dancer, trained boxer and Pilates instructor. Viveca has a Pilates studio in Burbank, where she trains all sorts of people, including celebrity clients. She took her favorite disciplines and created a fusion built in an interval setting, which is the best way to get cardio and burn fat. The class is one hour long, and includes a warm up, class portion with boxing, Pilates, and dance.  Then we move to the floor to work on butt and abs before cooling down. The best part of the class is it doesn’t feel like you’ve been working out for an hour!

runhers: What kind of a workout can people expect when they come to a Piloxing session?

Staci: A fun, fast-paced and challenging workout! PILOXING is bare foot training, which really engages your core for the balanced movements. It also helps strengthen your feet. (Hello runhers!) We wear weighted gloves that are a half-pound a piece, which is the weight of a boxing glove. Incorporating bare foot training and the weighted gloves really helps get the most out of the class. The gloves especially add to the toning aspect in the arms, as well as increasing the heart rate for the duration of the class. I typically burn around 600 calories during the class. Since it is interval training, your metabolism gets kicked into high gear and continues to burn for up to twelve hours after you are done. Bare foot training and the weighted gloves are completely optional though.

runhers: Do you have to bring  level of fitness or skill set to begin doing Piloxing?

Staci:  Not necessarily. Depending on where each person is in their fitness journey, PILOXING can be modified for them. It’s about moving, sweating and having a good time while doing so. The first class is always going to be the hardest. Most of the women who have taken my class claim to not be coordinated, but I disagree! Because it is a cardio workout, some may take more frequent breaks than others, which is perfectly fine. And for the fitness junkies, I am still challenged by the workout every time I do it. You can always amp up or tone down your own intensity.

runhers:  Do the workouts change often?  Or will I do pretty much the same workout at different intensity?

Staci: I play with different music each week. The choreography will change somewhat. PILOXING has what we call signature blocks, so no matter where you take a class there will be some familiarity to it. However, as a member in the PILOXING Instructor Association, I receive new choreography every quarter to keep things fresh! In each class we will do four boxing blocks, four Pilates blocks and three dance blocks. Each one is different, so no block is repeated during the class.

runhers: What else should I know about Piloxing?

Staci: PILOXING is so fun! We don’t take ourselves seriously. We shake our booties while getting fit! Fitness should include workouts you really enjoy, and since PILOXING is so core focused, it makes for great cross training for runners. Oh, and we always end each class with the PILOXING mantra, which is SLEEK, SEXY, POWERFUL! I always leave feeling empowered and strong!

runhers:  Well, thank you for sharing, we are coming to try it out!

Staci: Thank you for helping me spread the PILOXING love! Please do! I teach at Body Language in Edmond on Wednesday nights at 6. I would love to introduce everyone to my favorite workout! If anyone would like more info or has any questions for me I can be reached at


december commitment challenge

by: Sara McCauley

It’s that time of the year!  There is no denying; holiday season is upon us, and in full force.  Our schedule becomes full of events, shopping, celebrating AND eating.  That means more stress overall, and less time to spend working out. There is no “best time” to commit to a new fitness plan, however, you can make a commitment to the best out of each season or situation.  Time doesn’t always allow for a full gym workout or a long run, BUT I know you can fit in something each day, even if it is 5 minutes!  When it comes to moving your body, something is always better than nothing.  I put together a schedule for the month of December that includes short workouts that you can do anywhere at any time. You can follow the calendar exactly and take the guess work out, or you can pick choose an item from the checklist each day.  The Holidays can be trying, so, you owe it to yourself to make some “me” time.  Make the commitment and join me for the December Commitment Challenge!  You will be happy you did come January!

The numbers coincide with the December calendar dates!  Have fun and Enjoy the Season!
1.       10 minute stretch
2.       50 pushups – 50 star jumps
3.       20 minute fartlek run
4.       40 jumping jacks, 40 jump squats, 40 jump lunges
5.       100 pile squats, 20 half squat, 20 full, 20 half with heel raise, 20 full with heel raise, 20 pulses
6.       5 minute wall sit (take short breaks to complete)
7.       7 miles run or walk (or your distance)
8.       yoga stretch
9.       HIIT 40/20/4 high knees 40 seconds, rest for 20 seconds, plank jack 40 seconds, rest 20 seconds,    complete 4 rounds of each.
10.   60 single leg deadlifts
11.   100 crunches, 20 slow crunches, 20 right, 20 left, 20 bicycle, 20 butterfly
12.   100 Lunges,  20 alternating front, 20 alternating back, 20 right, 20 left, 20 jump lunges
13.   5 minute plank variations, high, low, side, legs lifted, arms lifted (break as needed)
14.   5 mile run or walk (or your distance)
15.   park furthest away from store to add in extra walking every time you go to the store.
16.   running in place, squat jacks, sit-ups, 1 minute of each, 3 rounds total
17.   200 mountain climbers
18.   2 burpees, 2 leg lifts, repeat 4,6,8,10
19.   60 superman extension up to a high plank
20.   100 Vups, modify as needed
21.   30 – 60 minute run or walk
22.   foam roll your tight overused muscles
23.   booty Burner, 50 alternating back lunges, 50 front lunges to balance, 50 single leg decline bridges (use a step or couch)
24.   run 1 – 3+ mile run, make time for yourself, do a few laps in your neighborhood, get some fresh air!
25.   Take the family for a walk or run, start a family tradition
26.   step it up!  use a stair, chair or a study bench, 1 min of each: alternating step ups, step up to balance 1min each side, side step up to leg lift each leg, jump ups(box jump)
27.   plank jumps: 20 of each repeating twice.  front: high plank position, jump feet in together, Right: jump feet to the side then to the center, left jumps, in & out: start with feet together, jump them out wide then back in.
28.   30 – 60 minute run or walk  
29.   ab burner: 20 frog crunches, 20 bicycle crunches, 20 leg lifts, 20 side plank with dips, each side, low plank with hip dip 20 each, high plank with leg ext 20 each, 2 min low plank hold
30.   tabata squat variations 20/10/8: 20 secs of each squat, 10 secs of rest, 8 variations of squats. Wide squats, side to side squats, squat jumps, split squat(each leg counts as 1), squat jacks, chair pose, squat pulses
31.   Firecracker: 50 jumping jacks, 20 star jumps, 20 plyo pushups, 20 explosive jump lunges, 20 back lunge to high jump each leg, 50 jumping jacks

Here are some additional challenges for anytime you need a boost!  

  • fast pace laps around the mall before shopping
  • 10 pushups for every glass of eggnog
  • 100 push up challenge (can be throughout the day)
  • 1 mile run time yourself, try to beat your time next time
  • take the stairs everywhere you have the opportunity
  • 20 Squats every time you check your facebook on your phone
  • 20 second plank for every gift you wrap
  • alphabet abs: lay flat on your back, lift your legs off the ground, feet together “draw” the alphabet with your feet


july wednesday workouts

Editor’s Note:  We know how much you like Coach Sara’s Wednesday Workouts, so, we thought we’d put all of them up for July.  You can copy and print them out or come back here anytime you think you need one of these cool workouts.  It’s nice to that you can do them anywhere and you don’t need equipment to get going.  If you are having trouble with any of them, modify, work around or just do pieces, but keep going and keep trying! 

July 3, 2013 – Full Body

This workout is geared towards strengthening the muscles that benefit runners the most, our hips, glutes and core.   Add this to your daily run or if you want to make it your entire workout just add in another round for each set. These are basic moves, but when performed at a slower, controlled tempo they will keep you challenged with your muscles begging for mercy!

  • Lunge to Balance 15 each side
  • Wide Side Squat 10 each side
  • High Plank with Hip Extension 15 each side
  • Repeat Once
  • Single Leg Hip Bridge 10 each side
  • Side Hop (feet move together) 10 each side
  • Ice Skaters 10 each side
  • Repeat Once
  • Low Plank Hold 30 seconds or until form fails
  • V-up Crunch 15 total
  • Side Plank with Dip 10 each side
  • Repeat Once

July 10, 2013 – Calf/Ankle/Inner Thigh

If you’ve run long enough or been around enough runners, you’ll hear the calf injury stories – or tell some yourself!  Calf and achilles issues are very common but the work to prevent these injuries is often neglected.  These exercises will help build strength in your ankles, calves and legs – as well as increase balance for running on uneven surfaces.

  • 3 Point Lunge to Balance 15 (step on a pillow for additional challenge) 
  • 3 Point Lunge to Balance –switch sides 15
  • Single Leg Calf Raise 15 (slow tempo, keep good balance)
  • Negative Calf Raise 15 (slow tempo, use a step or place a book under your toes)
  • Repeat 1-2 more times
  • Pile Squat 15
  • Pile Squat with Calf Raise 15
  • Pile Squat w/ Calf Raise Pulse 10 seconds
  • Alternating Curtsy Lunge 30 Total
  • Repeat 1-2 more times
  • Stretch
  • Wall Stretch
  • Adductor Stretch
  • Foam Roll Calves, and Adductors

July 17, 2013- The Keep-You-Guessing Workout

This workout is designed for those who prefer shorter distance running or simply just get bored quickly. It can be done with a treadmill, in your neighborhood or your favorite trail.  You will start off slow in the beginning as your warm up and gradually increase intensity with each set.  It combines a little bit of everything for an entire body workout that’s sure to keep you on your toes (literally) while getting your heart pumping!

  • 5 min easy jog or walk
  • 20 seconds of Alternating Lunges, Push Ups, High Plank
  • 5 minute medium run
  • 30 seconds of Alternating Lunges, Push Ups, Mountain Climbers
  • 3 Minute Fast Run
  • 40 seconds of In and Out Squats, Tricep Dips, High Plank Knee to Elbow Crunches
  • 2 Minute Sprint
  • 20 Seconds Alternating Lunges, Tricep Push Ups, Plank Jacks
  • 1 Minute Full Sprint
  • 5 minute cool down walk or jog

July 24, 2013 – Plyometrics

Plyometric exercises are explosive movements performed as quickly as possible in a short period of time.  The goal is to build strength and increase speed by utilizing fast twitch muscles.  Add this workout to your weekly routine in addition to or as your cross training day.  It is more of an advanced workout and you should have a good strength base before “jumping” right in to it.  Start slow and increase intensity and sets as you become stronger.

  • Warm Up: 1 minute of each
  • High Knees
  • Butt Kicks
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Alternating Lunges
  • Squats

Perform each exercise aiming for as many reps as possible in 30 seconds, for the 2nd round increase to 45 seconds and 3rd round 1 minute. Log your results and try to increase your reps each time you perform this workout.

  • Jump Squats
  • Box Jump or Tuck Jumps
  • Plank Jacks (jumping both arms and feet in & out)
  • Jump Lunges
  • Ice Skaters
  • Burpees
  • STRETCH and Drink lots of water!

July 31, 2013 – Full Body Blast

Today’s workout is a combination of a little bit of everything for a FULL BODY BLAST!  Perform each set 1-2 times as a compliment to your run – or complete each set 3 times for a full workout.  Remember, if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.

  • 15 Pushups
  • 15 Prisoner Squats
  • 5 Full Burpees(chest to the ground)
  • Repeat for 3 total reps
  • 15 Tricep Dips
  • 15 Sumo Squats
  • 5 Full Burpees
  • Repeat for 3 total reps
  • 15 Plank Jacks
  • 10 Vup Crunches
  • 5 Full Burpees
  • Repeat for 3 total reps

Enjoy these workouts and do them often!  Peace out!

tantilizing tank top workout

Yes, it’s July already! Tank top season is well underway! Most everyone would like to have firm strong looking arms – so here are a few tips and exercises that can help you get those arms looking a little better!

Weight training is a very beneficial part of weight loss. You may not have weights – or if you are a gym member the gym may not always be available when a little free time comes along. This workout was designed so it can be performed anywhere with no equipment! Are you ready?

With the first 2 sets – take a 1 minute break between each exercise/set. Keep going! For the 3rd and final set, complete the exercises, but perform each as many times as possible (while maintaining good form) until failure.

Wide Push Ups – 15 repetitions. You can modify by placing knees on the ground to make it a little easier until you build strength.

Tricep Dips – 15 repetitions. These can be performed with a chair/table; or on the ground with knees slightly bent, hips off ground and arms behind the body.

Walking Push Ups – 8 repetitions on each side. Hands placed narrow under shoulders in a high plank position, slowly lower one hand at a time down into a low plank position. Goal is to keep hips from rocking side to side. It is also great for your core!

T to Y Back Extensions – 10 of each. Lay prone with arms to the front to form a Y position. Slowly bring upper body off the ground and lower bringing arms out to your side to form a T.

Do you have access to gym/equipment or have weights at home and you are just not sure what to do? Try this workout for a surefire way to get that leaner look in for your tanks and sleeveless shirts!

For this workout the first exercise is performed as a pyramid set, which means you will start with a decent weight for 15 reps then you’ll increase to a more challenging weight with each progressive set. The increased weight should lower the repetition count, followed by the 2nd movement before moving to the next superset. By the last set you should definitely feel like you completely worked that muscle group.

Assisted Pull-ups – Repetitions = 15, 12, 10
1 minute rest

Chest Press – Repetitions = 15, 12, 10
Tricep Extensions – Repetitions = 10, 10, 10
Repeat 2 times
1 minute rest

Plank to Row – Repetitions = 15, 12, 10
Alternating Bicep Curls – Repetitions = 10, 10, 10
Repeat 2 times

1 minute rest

Overhead Shoulder Press – Repetitions = 15, 12, 10
Lateral Raise – Repetitions = 10, 10, 10
Repeat 2 times
1 minute rest