Training with us is an excellent way to meet your goals, whether it is just to gain better fitness/health, or to run anything from a 5K to a marathon!  The social atmosphere is awesome – you’ll make new friends, share stories and experiences, and best of all, journey forward together. We have educational forums often that include injury prevention, yoga and other fun, interactive, entertaining content!

runhers and walkhers training programs are offered for all ages and ability levels. Our leadership, personal trainers and coaches offer excellent programming and education. We can adjust or modify a training plan to meet your specific needs. As well, our coaches, and our experienced runners/walkers are always around to share their knowledge and experience with new members who do not have running or walking experience. That’s the beauty of belonging to our community!

If you are completely new, or just starting again, our fun Sofa2Success 5K program is a great way to get back in the swing! Our 10K, half-marathon and marathon training programs are designed at a beginning level to moderate level. We can modify for specific needs. Our national advisors include the who’s who of the medical, health, nutrition, running/walking communities, ensuring that all the advice and training you get will be evidenced based, state of the art programming. That includes fun and laughter! All you have to do is provide your energy and effort! 

We know that getting to the life/lifestyle you want takes time. It’s those small, smart, daily decisions that will add up over time. Be patient with yourself, knowing the path is never a straight line, so enjoy the journey!  Oh and one last thing, “what’s said on the run, stays on the run.” Enjoy!

Note: Before starting a training program, it is advisable to schedule a visit with your physician to discuss your health history and future plans.